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    Parenting: You're hired!

    There's no job bigger or more important than being a parent. You want the best for your babies and babybundle is here to help deliver that.

    We can't help you physically with the sleep deprivation or the terrible twos but we can make shopping for your parenting essentials as easy as ABC.

    You see everyone on the babybundle team is a parent so we know first hand what challenges and rewards you'll be facing as you take on this exciting new phase of your life.

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    The babybundle Promise
    Here at our mission is to bring you beautiful, useful products to make everyday life as a parent that little bit easier. So whether you're a total newbie, been around the parenting block a few times or just want to buy a special gift for a special someone, babybundle is your new best friend!
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    The babybundle Collection
    Aside from bringing you a whole heap of brilliant nursery brands we've also used our collective parenting expertise to launch our own range of babybundle products. We're particularly proud of our babybundleSafebreathe collection, incorporating safer sleep products. Check out the award-winning SafeDreamsCotWrap and the eminently huggable matching soft toys, Patch and Hoppy.

The foundations of parenting are built on love. And here at babybundle HQ we want you, and baby, to feel the love in our products, our service, and everything we do.

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