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babybundle Widgey® Pregnancy, Maternity and Baby Love Pillow

babybundle Widgey® Pregnancy, Maternity and Baby Love Pillow
babybundle Widgey® Pregnancy, Maternity and Baby Love Pillow

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Feel the love with the UK's best-selling multi-use pregnancy, nursing, maternity and baby pillow. The babybundle Widgey® provides support pre and post pregnancy and can be used for your growing little one too!

Pregnancy and feeding

The babybundle Widgey® pregnancy and baby pillow is the UK's leading maternity and nursing pillow, and there’s good reason for that. Extremely versatile and supportive, the babybundle Widgey® can be used during pregnancy to support your back and stomach and placed between the knees whilst sleeping, or as a wedge to rest under your tummy when lying on your side. And then, when baby arrives it becomes an indispensable aid for feeding - whether breast or bottle.

The pillow is strong and firm and has been recommended by midwives. It can even be used after a caesarean - the pillow removes all weight, from the stomach area to the thighs, and you can use to let you do underarm feeding, which is recommended by midwives. Midwives are the masters of all things concerning pregnancy and babies - whereas you’ll only likely have to deal with pregnancy once or twice, they’ll do it hundreds or thousands of times. Here at babybundle we tend to take their advice very seriously.

Perfect for a growing baby

As your baby grows and develops, you can sit them within the curve of the babybundle Widgey® whilst they’re learning to sit upright, so if they fall sideways or backwards the pillow will cushion their fall - no danger of accidents! The arc gives them a safe, little environment in which to learn and develop how to move about on their own. When your child grows older they can use the pillow to lie on whilst reading a book or watching their favourite programme.

We’ve got you covered

The ‘love’ cover certainly hammers it home, doesn’t it? But, love really is why you go through all of this; the aches, discomfort and stress all pale in comparison to the love you feel for your baby, both during and after pregnancy.

We know that there are going to accidents and spills, so we’ve made sure that all babybundle Widgey®s come with a removable, washable 100% cotton cover. They’re machine washable, to make things even easier. Replacement covers can be purchased separately and are available in a variety of prints and colours. It's always a good idea to have a spare one in case of those inevitable spills and accidents!

Great for you and baby:

  • Support pre and post labour
  • After a Caesarean
  • Feeding baby
  • Playing with baby
  • Sitting baby up
  • Sleeping
  • Reading
  • Relaxing

The babybundle Widgey® is a pregnancy essential!

Please get in touch if you’ve got any questions at all about the babybundle Widgey®, the team is made up of parents, so we know a thing or two about pregnancy and baby care. Call us on 01784 225925 or send us an email at - we’ll be happy to help out in any way we can.


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