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babybundle Baby Swim & Float Seat

babybundle Baby Swim & Float Seat
babybundle Baby Swim & Float Seat

Support your little one safely in the water with this babybundle float seat. Available in two sizes. Phthalate free, because we prioritise the safety of your tot.

Fun and comfort

There’s nothing quite like seeing your baby playing in the water for the first time. The look of amazement and slight confusion as it tries to comprehend what on earth is happening. The sudden joy that spreads across its face as it realises how nice the water feels and what fun it can have in it. Here at babybundle, we want to make this experience as safe and care-free as we possible can, so we present to you the babybundle Baby Swim and Float Seat.

Babies love the water, they’ll splash, kick and just generally have a great time. This best-selling float seat gives them the comfort and security to quickly gain confidence in their first steps towards learning to swim, and will be an experience that will continue to benefit them throughout their lives.

The bright yellow look is reminiscent of a yellow submarine and is designed to be eye-catching, so you can easily look out for your baby. The inflatable, soft design with supportive back rest will make aquatic adventures a doddle and will let your baby have the time of its life in the pool.

Smart, safe design

The inner circular inflatable ring has scratch-free reverse seams, so your baby’s skin won’t be irritated when using our product. It’s entirely free of Phthalate, because your baby’s health and safety is our number one priority. With wide leg hole openings, a double thickness seat for durability and increased buoyancy in the corners, this diamond-shaped float seat has been designed for maximum stability and comfort. Babies get so big in such a short time, so there’s a lot of difference between a 3 month old baby and a 24 month old baby. Choose between two sizes:

  • Size 1: 3-12 months (up to 11kg)
  • Size 2: 12-24 months (11 - 15kg)

There’s a contoured backrest for back and head support and protection. Non-return safety valves and four separate air chambers makes it easy and simple to blow up, so your little one will be splashing about in the pool in no time.

Like all of our products, the babybundle Baby Swim and Float Seat has been thoroughly tested and checked by a team of quality control officers. Additionally, they have been batch numbered for further quality control. Here at babybundle, we take absolutely no chances when it comes to product safety. Nothing else takes priority.

At babybundle, we are very aware of how much time you spend thinking about your baby’s safety and whether the products you buy for it will be dangerous. So, if you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01784 225925 or drop us an email at if you’ve got any questions about the babybundle Baby Swim and Float, or any of our other products.


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