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babybundle Safebreathe™ Hoppy Soft Toy

babybundle Safebreathe™ Hoppy Soft Toy
babybundle Safebreathe™ Hoppy Soft Toy

Safebreathe™ Hoppy by babybundle is the gentle, soft friend designed from the beginning to be safe and breathable - he’s the perfect friend for your little one.

A loyal friend

Everyone knows just how inseparable babies and their favourite toys are. They go everywhere together and I’m sure we’ve all experienced that house-shattering cry when they can’t find their little friend. The smile that beams from their face when they’re reunited says all you need to know; they’re going to be friends forever.

As parents, we here at Babybundle are well aware of just how much time you spend thinking about the safety of your little one, and this even extends to their toys. What if they choke on it and can’t breathe? Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Safebreathe™ Hoppy is here to take some of the load off your back. Hoppy is the brother of Patch, and he’s just as cuddly as him - take your pick between them! Hoppy, just like Patch, has been designed with safety and breathability in mind.

Safety, by design

Why take the risk with a toy that hasn’t been developed to be as safe as possible? Here at babybundle, we design and make baby products to be as fun, comfortable and, above all, safe as possible. We want you to be able to sleep at night, knowing that your baby is safe and happy with Hoppy. Hoppy was thought up from the start as a safe and breathable toy, because we never wanted a baby’s best friend to harm them in any way. Luckily, we had just the material to make it from.

Safebreathe™ technology

This is our very own innovation and used in several other products in our range. Made from 100% soft cotton, it uses three layers of fabrics to create one multi-layer fabric that is comfortable, non-irritating, padded and breathable:

  • Top layer: 100% cotton mesh, beautifully soft next to their skin
  • Middle layer: this one is made up of thousands of rigid interwoven fibres providing breathability and cushioning
  • Bottom layer: an open weave mesh with holes to let air pass through

That’s the outer layer, but there’d be no point in a breathable toy that was only breathable through the outer layer. That’s why Hoppy is also stuffed with with Hollowfibre: a hypoallergenic filling which has had air pumped into each fibre during the spinning process. So, it not only enormously reduces the chance of your baby suffocating, it’s also very unlikely to cause irritation or any other nasty skin reactions.

Easy to clean

Dirt and mess are par for the course when you’re a baby’s favourite toy. Hoppy will wear muck like a badge of honour, but if you’d rather he didn’t then he’s easy to clean. Just pop him in the washing machine and give him a spin in the tumble drier. He’s suitable for both!

If you have any questions about Hoppy or any of our other products, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. As parents, all of us at babybundle seen it all before, so give us a call on 01784 225925 or drop us an email at


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