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babybundle Safebreathe™ Patch Soft Toy

babybundle Safebreathe™ Patch Soft Toy
babybundle Safebreathe™ Patch Soft Toy

Safebreathe™ Patch by babybundle is a lovable, cuddly soft toy with a difference: he has been designed with safety and breathability at the forefront.

A friend forever

Everyone has that one toy which they were never seen without as a baby, the slightly tattered, well-worn and well-loved little friend that went with you, wherever you went. Babies and their favorite toys develop a special bond which, in many cases, is never broken. At babybundle, we still look back on the memories we shared with our own little friends with fondness and warmth. Safebreathe™ Patch is suitable right from birth, so your baby can have a friend straight away. We make every single Patch with love and care, so it’ll stay in one piece and always be there for your little one.

Unmatched safety

Now, one thing that parents don’t think about with too much fondness is when their babies chew or start to choke on soft toys which aren’t made of breathable fabric. It’s not something that you want to even think about happening, so why take the risk?

Enter Safebreathe™ Patch, the safe and breathable toy which is designed to give your baby a safe night’s sleep, because your baby’s safety is babybundle’s top priority. We wanted to make a toy that enormously reduces the risk of suffocation, to enable the unique bond between baby and soft toy to flourish without fear, just like it should. You can rest easy, with the certainty that your baby won’t have any trouble breathing when snuggling with Patch.

Innovative design

Toy design is a science, and Patch is the result of years of research. This 100% soft cotton toy is made from 3D Safebreathe™ fabric and stuffed with Hollowfibre: a hypoallergenic filling which has had air pumped into each fibre during the spinning process. So, it not only massively reduces the chance of your baby suffocating, it’s also very unlikely to cause irritation or any other reactions. Safebreathe™ fabric uses multi-layer fabric technology, the same stuff that we use in our cot wraps:

  • Top layer: 100% cotton mesh, beautifully soft next to their skin
  • Middle layer: this one is made up of thousands of rigid interwoven fibres providing breathability and cushioning
  • Bottom layer: an open weave mesh with holes to let air pass through

Their favourite toy is always liable to get a bit mucky, but that’s just part of the job description. We’ve made Patch fully machine washable and suitable for tumble drying, making it easy to keep clean and dust-free. Parents are guaranteed a peaceful night's sleep while their little ones snuggle up to their bedtime buddy all night long!

If you have any questions or just want to chat about Patch or any of our other products, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. As parents, all of us at babybundle have been there before, so give us a call on 01784 225925 or drop us an email at


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